Ludum Dare 36 Jam Entry

I’ve been doing Ludum Dare game jams for some time…

Ludum Dare folders

And I’m really proud of my streak.

I’ve always worked as the artist/UI/concept/writer-type person with a programmer (@johnicholas), so this was my first LD experience doing some of the coding.

I also did a lot of the visual elements, writing, and audio, but since the vast majority of the text in the game is procedurally generated using the fabulous tracery library by @galaxykate, I spent a good deal of time coding, revising code the programmer wrote, and tweaking things to get them working right. I feel like I’ve learned a ton about Javascript from working so closely on code for a project I designed with a more experienced programmer.

This was the first time doing the Jam that I really felt the time crunch, and we submitted with just twelve minutes to spare. As such, a number of features got cut (mostly for the best), and a few bugs remain (boo). But, I think it’s neat and the procedural text makes me laugh, and the style and art came along nicely in 72 hours.

When In Rome

You can play the game here.

The Ludum Dare page (if you’d like to give us feedback) is here.

And finally, if you’d like to see other LD jams I have participated in, head over here.