A First JavaScript Game

In thinking about Ludum Dare coming up in a week or so, I got excited about using a new tool. I did a tutorial in Unity which asked me to program in JavaScript, so learning a little JavaScript seemed like a great starting point. I have enjoyed using LOVE2d/Lua and Python to learn programming, but the resulting games can be difficult to distribute easily (though that is changing fast with love.js!). Making 2d Javascript games built to run on a web browser seems like a good way to share my progress with friends and family.

I had a pretty good time learning JavaScript. This is my third language, and they are getting easier and easier to pick up. When I started learning to program, I thought that each language would be like learning a new natural language - there are few commonalities, and mostly what you bring to learning a new foreign language is the skill of learning a language. Learning new programming languages seems more like learning new dialects. The braces may be curly, the bangs may be tildes, but the logical underpinnings seem easy to transfer from language to language. Take this with a grain of salt - I’m still just learning!

The game itself is a super simple platformer. It was fun and pretty quick to make, and I had a great time making art. I’m really happy with the children’s book vibe I get from my choices on the art and text. I hope you get a chance to play it - it is very brief.

Play Darcie's Ribbon