Welcome to Katie Amazing!

I’m glad you’re visiting me at Katie Amazing. I’ve wanted to be a competent programmer for some time, but lacking educational background or a professional need to upgrade my coding skills has meant that my skills haven’t grown very fast. In 2016, I am going to write some code at least twice a month, hopefully with a GitHub commit, and hopefully also with an accompanying blog post here at KatieAmazing.com to talk about and compound my learnings.

A lot of people have fantasies of “cocooning” until they become the thing they want to be. They envision months or years spent in isolation, driven only by willpower and solitude, and then bursting into society as a different, better person. That story really appeals to me, but I also think it is inherently flawed. Sharing my goals helps me to set and achieve them. So even though I am tempted to hide my learning curve and save face, this project is all about documenting my ignorance and talking about learning to program. I want to be brave and bold and AMAZING in my journey.

I come to this project with a beginner knowledge of html and Python. I took some Coursera courses over the last two years that gave me a decent foundation in Python, and have participated in Ludum Dare game jams. I noodled around with RenPy in 2015, but did not complete a game.

I’ll do my best to credit the wonderful and generous programmers in my life that will inevitably inspire and assist with project ideas and debugging. One that will make a consistent appearance is @Johnicholas, who I am fortunate to live with and who enjoys being a tutor when I get stuck.